Watch Chamillionaire pitch his startup Convoz on stage

Wacth Chamillionaire pitch made at the Upfront Summit. He’s the rapper that made ‘Ridin.’ He actually does a surprisingly good job and so it is worth watching.

So turns out he’s in the startup game too. After working as an EIR at Upfront, he’s launched a startup called Convoz. This is a platform to engage with people in a Facetime-like fashion

I like the concept of Convoz, but don’t really see how it’s the next big thing. It feels a bit like a feature not a company. But who knows (Cough, Snapchat).

This is a 23-minute presentation, but it’s actually engaging and fun. You won’t ever really have that much time to make a pitch, and frankly, this isn’t really a normal pitch. It’s a presentation that includes a pitch (and a lot of celebs like Snoop and Shaq).

Some observations:

  • The build on the slides is interesting. See how “C” is repeatedly used and melds into new slides
  • Notice that the font size is large. Occasionally it is too small, but that seems to be when he inserts slides that probably came from his pitch deck towards the end
  • He uses a lot of pauses for effect when he talks, very naturally
  • He adds in humour “I would never have authorised that colour in the logo“- not all his jokes are funny, but he thinks they are so you sort of do too
  • Each slide supports what he’s saying. The slides aren’t there to tell the story, they support the presenter’s story and make it more engaging (and funny at times)
  • Confidence is totally evident. If he makes mistakes he doesn’t care. He owns the stage. He’s going to tell his story and you can decide to listen or not
  • He makes extensive use of anecdotes to make the presentation fun
  • He moves. He moves his hands and his whole body around. It’s quite like a performance. There’s no reason you can’t perform the same way

What did you think of the Chamillionaire pitch?

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