Wonder if your deck is good enough?

Relax. There is actually no such thing as a 'perfect' deck. But there is such thing as a bad deck, and that's the norm.

We've noticed that founders don't actually know if their deck is getting in their way of getting investors though.

Perfect Pitch Deck was set up as we care about founders and fundraising sucks. We wish something like this existed.

95% of our customers are in their 30/40s and repeat founders who are smart enough to ask for help.

...or if we know what we are talking about?

We had a simple idea. Why don't founders just send over their decks and we'll give some quick feedback and founders can tell if we are great?

Sure, it takes us time, but we give founders some value and put our money where our mouth is.

Let's keep this simple. You send over your deck (of course it won't be shared ever) and we'll give you honest feedback.

There are no obligations and no hard sell (or follow-up emails). You decide if you need our help.

What do you get?

There are three slides you care about:

  1. Freeform feedback: One slide of around 12 bullets on our opinion. It's not structured, it's just what we noticed, what's missing
  2. Structured feedback: One line on each of 7 key dimensions we defined
  3. Analysis summary: We analyse your deck around 4 categories. You can then benchmark yourself on another slide

Cool, what's next?

Just fill in the TypeForm:

  1. Name (We like to be friendly)
  2. Email (So we can send it)
  3. Upload deck (Um, duh)

We review your deck and send back a report.

Freeform feedback

We review your deck and just give it to you straight. There's no format. It's just the key observations. It's limited to one slide of about 11 bullets. If you are beyond hope, it's one bullet.

Health Checkup

Does your deck follow basic best practice so that investors will actually read it? We will review 7 key factors. This includes writing too much text to having too many slides and a poor narrative. Did we mention it's free?

Data Science

We combine data science disciplines including machine learning (CNN, LSTM), a custom ontology, NLP and sentiment analysis, with good old fashioned humans to give you rapid feedback to benchmark yourself

Meet P.AI

Founders always wonder if their deck is good enough? So we came up with a way to give everyone feedback. Your deck will never be shared. We're not sketchy like that.