What: My hightouch pitch deck offering. 8 hours of intensive 1-on-1s leveraging my proprietary methodology to redo your deck from scratch, end-to-end. Design included.

Pricing: €6,000 

Summary of Custom pitch deck service

What you need

How I help

  • You have probably raised before and need a real expert who knows a lot more than you do
  • You need to improve your deck but you have hit a brick wall and can't take it anymore... (most clients)
  • Your narrative is not convincing and the content needs to be redone
  • You want the best help you can buy on the internet, from start to finish
  • We spend 3 intensive hours understanding your business and write the narrative you want to tell
  • We create and fill in a 'paint by numbers' outline leveraging my proprietary methodology together
  • We work together till the deck is done (5 hours of phone calls)
  • I use my proprietary slide format to make your deck and we then wordsmith things


Yes, Alexander gets your deck done

Total fee

About this service:

  • Expert insights from a VC and founder
  • Business model critique (Are you fundable?)
  • Professional narrative
  • Deck totally bespoke
  • Professionally-designed
  • Brutally honest to help you


Let's book your custom deck!

You will be directed to a hosted page on Samcart that processes your payment.

You will automatically get an email with next steps to book the first call.

How the process works with me

Book and send your docs

We do an intensive 3 hour session

We fill in our outline

We review the outline

I make the deck

We wordsmith it

Time to get raising

Let's get clear on how we collaborate

What I do

What I don't do

  • There is no team. You 100% work with me
  • We do everything on Zoom calls. I only work alone when I'm making your PowerPoint
  • I do smart work. I figure out your narrative, I help figure out how to prove content in slides, and I'll teach you what you need to know
  • I'm freely available for one month. You can book a call whenever I am free (Every day if you can keep up!)
  • I make your pitch deck in PowerPoint
  • Everything is confidential
  • I am not the bottleneck. If you work hard we can do your deck in 1 week
  • I also always teach you a lot about what you're doing wrong and how to fundraise because I want to help you
  • I do not do monkey work. I don’t do research. I tell you what is needed and you need to provide it. You need to know your industry/startup
  • I don't do all the 'heavy lifting'
  • I only work with one founder (CEO). If you have a minion to help do heavy lifting, you are to manage them
  • I will not chase you. You have a booking link. Book whenever you want!
  • The time limit to complete your deck is one month from the first call. Please make the deck a priority. If you disappear as you’re busy, that’s your decision. I don't do refunds after the first call
  • My call commitment is 8 hours, or at my discretion (If we get on well we will chat shop)
  • The scope of this engagement is a pitch deck. I will reasonably teach you about fundraising and your business model, but these are otherwise separate consulting services


Want to contact me before booking?

I've realised most people want some kind of interaction with me before booking- even if it is just me responding to an email! If that's you, no worries! If you want a call please read the FAQs first. Being a parrot is tedious and you can read fast... 😉

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