I know this is what you care about.

For younger founders, I might appear expensive, but value is relative.

You aren't just getting a deck; I'll help you figure out what is missing in your business model.

Only the founder will consult you. I can't find people who know enough to do it for me

This service is not a factory. It takes as long as it takes. If you work hard we can be done in a week and you'll have a lot of confidence when pitching investors.

I have developed a very structured methodology, but it's still a lot of work. There is a minimum fee for a custom deck. This is for 12 slides, which is enough to get your message across. For additional slides, there is a per slide charge so my time is respected.

  • Base charge €2,500. This is 12 slides including the cover and closing slide
  • For additional slides it is €150

As an example, a 17 page deck is €3,250.

I charge €1,500 (Via Stripe) up front and the remainder upon completion.

I've done a lot of decks. Decks end up 17-24 slides. I would guess a mean of 18 (I never try make more slides than needed).

Base Fee

Additional Slides





  • 50% charged up front
  • Business model analysis
  • Proprietary methodology
  • Slides over 12
  • We don’t encourage extra slides
  • Ensure you tell your story
  • 17 slide example
  • Range is 17-24 slides
  • 10 slides is a lie…

Let's make a custom pitch deck