“I know everything about my business, but I suck at explaining it!”

Let’s face it; you want a lot more help than a facelift. Meet custom decks.

Let's make a custom pitch deck


I know this is what you care about, so let's deal with it now. For younger founders, I might seem expensive (Only I, the founder, do this. I can't find people who know enough to do it for me), but you aren't just getting a deck; I'll help you figure out if your business model even works.

This service is not a factory. It takes as long as it takes. Two founders pivoted their business after talking to me after the first meeting. I wasn't paid for months and that's fine.

I help you build a fundable business, not just do a pitch deck. I do zero marketing as WoM is enough now.

Given how much of a pain in the ass this is for me, there is a minimum fee for a custom deck. This is for 12 slides, which is enough to get your message across. For additional slides, there is a per slide charge so my time is respected.

  • Base charge 2,000. This is 12 slides including the cover and closing slide
  • For additional slides it is €100

As an example, a 20 page deck is €2,800.

50% is charged up front. If you aren't sure how many slides are needed, I charge €1,000 (Via Stripe) and the remainder is charged on completion.

I've done a lot of decks. Decks end up 17-24 slides. I would guess a mean of 18 (I never try make more slides than needed).



Perfect Pitch Deck is a fail safe for founders to ensure their decks look professional and the content is clear and sells. But getting to the core fundamentals of your startup and what you are actually doing in the first place is really hard and it takes a lot of time!

The reality is that 90% of our work is custom. This means that we take the time to understand your business model, to challenge assumptions and then to be able to pitch your startup ourselves to uncover your real voice, to tell your real story.

To be able to do this requires so much knowledge that only the founder, Alexander Jarvis, does the custom decks (End to end). In fact, he is the one that does each free audit to ensure the feedback is meaningful and not cosmetic.

The vast majority of our clients aren’t n00bs. It’s weird, but most have raised over $25m for previous ventures. You can imagine they aren’t dumb folks, so the standard of our work has to be high. But it also goes to show that serial (and successful founders) still struggle with decks.



The +content service deals with the deck you have made already and makes it better.

The problem is that this is often like polishing a turd. It’s painfully obvious that what is actually meant to be communicated, simply isn’t at all. New slides have to be done, but more so, the entire narrative needs to be changed. Improving a deck is comparatively a walk in the park to having to understand your business model first, to know how you’re doing it all wrong.

With the custom service, your entire deck is redone. Sure, we may use content from old slides, but we literally start from scratch from a narrative point of view.



Yes, it’s really hard and no your friend can’t help. Hey there, it’s Alexander. The reality is I’m a huge business nerd and have been studying this stuff for a decade.

In the words of a founder I did a deck for that sold his last startup for a rumored billion Dollars “I honestly can’t believe how quickly you figured out our business model!”

So, I can tell you I’m the best around, or you can make a call yourself.



Let me make this simple with no fancy language.

  1. You give me all your relevant information so I can do my homework. I read faster than you can talk
  2. We get on Skype and talk for as long as needed till I get your business model, industry, go to market plan etc. This could be for as long as 2 hours.
  3. I give you homework to write your ‘fuck you list’ and ‘Dot-dash narrative outline’ as well as some areas of research that need to be looked into in more detail (Like getting your marketing person to provide numbers)
  4. I ‘straw man’ the pitch deck in rough format, create the narrative of the slides and fill in low hanging content
  5. I share the outline with you and we run through it slide by slide to ensure we are happy with the narrative. From there we collaborate on the content (You may have to do more research) and I work on getting each slide updated and formatted as we have new content
  6. We iterate till it’s done


I always make a few things really clear before we start on a custom deck.

  • The founders are always the bottleneck. The faster you can put knowledge in my head, the faster we can get it done
  • A real example of a time line is start on Friday and have it done by Monday night. You need to be working over the weekend, obviously 😉 The founders had that deadline
  • I do not disappear and ‘just do it for you.’ We collaborate on the deck together. The deck will be crap otherwise
  • You are the industry expert, not me
  • You need to have the content and answers written, in your head, or research it. I channel your genius and filter it into a clear message
  • The deck is variably priced but I’ll never ever encourage you to do more slides than you really need to. I’m not slick

Let's make a custom pitch deck

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