Design and Feedback

What: Two rounds of actionable advice on how to improve your pitch deck and then design to make it presentable.

Pricing: From €1290 for a 10 slide deck

Service Offerings





Figure out if your deck sucks and how to improve

2 feedback sessions and redesigned deck at the end

Sequoia style pitch deck from scratch with a consultant

Best you can get, end-to-end support with Alexander

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Summary of Design and Feedback Service

What you need

How we help

  • Your deck is messy and needs to be cleaned up so you look professional
  • You need to improve your deck but you are a bit lost as to how specifically
  • You are generally happy with your narrative
  • We do an hour call and give you actionable feedback of what needs to be improved from the content to the narrative
  • You update your deck and you have another hour round of reviewing your content with an expert
  • A designer then takes your deck and makes it look professional


With Alexander (Founder)

Fixed fee

+ Design fee


€69 per slide


Send your deck and requirements

We have a review call

We have a feedback call

We get designing

Give us feedback

Time to get raising

Let's order a Design + Feedback

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