Ordering a custom deck

Want to get going on making a deck that investors will actually take seriously? Cool.

It's really easy. Just email me. No fancy forms- this is high touch service. There's a big button at the end of this page.

Next steps?

  1. I'll email you an invoice (Stripe) for €1,500
  2. Give you a Dropbox link for any material you have
  3. You pick a time for a 3 hour call through a dedicated booking page. You use it whenever you want to schedule a follow up call
  4. We get it done!

If you work hard, we can have it done in a week.

In case you haven't checked pricing, here it is again. Trust me, it is worth the money if you aren't broke.

Base Fee

Additional Slides





  • 50% charged up front
  • Business model analysis
  • Proprietary methodology
  • Slides over 12
  • We don’t encourage extra slides
  • Ensure you tell your story
  • 17 slide example
  • Range is 17-24 slides
  • 10 slides is a lie…

Let's make a custom pitch deck

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