Our pricing is as simple as it gets. A fixed price per slide

We understand the pressures and demands of startup. You don't need to stress about your budget and some d*** head company messing you about, coming back with 'extra' charges! Man, you're trying to figure out employment law, pricing... and stuff. 

Our affordable prices are clear and certain. There are no surprises. You receive an instant quote the moment you upload your pitch deck (and before you conclude). Simple. Not happy? 110% refund. We charge 50% upfront. 

Pricing is per slide. One price for design and another for content review and design. There are no other fees.

You pay a 50% deposit and when you are perfectly happy, the remaining 50% is concluded. Only when you say 'Buddy, awesome, thanks!' do we charge the remaining amount. We're public figures. We aren't going anywhere.

A poorly designed deck makes me feel like the founders don’t take pride in their work.
A well designed deck is able to communicate clearly what the company is doing and why I should be excited to take the first meeting.
So never discount the importance of spending time to get the best design possible for your deck.
It will only increase the likelihood of getting in front of investors.Scott Sage, Venture Capitalist

Pitch deck pricing overview

The price is per slide. There are NO other fees. No shady sh**



Per Slide
  • Professional designers
  • Customised graphic design
  • Consistent branding
  • Stylish charts, images and icons
  • Design revisions
  • Editable PowerPoint or Keynote doc
  • Dedicated account manager
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Custom Build


14 slides, +€200 per additional slide
  • Extensive creation of your deck
  • Calls as required to completion
  • Narrative development
  • Business model deep dive
  • Fundraising advice
  • You need content and to collaborate as the expert
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Details on the presentation package offerings

Everything includes design. If you also require nailing your content and flow, then pick the content package.

If you need to build a deck, then contact us about a custom build (Yes, that's a lot of work for us, but it's also what most founders seem to be ordering).


Content + Design

Core service

Fully editable file
Choice of Keynote or Powerpoint
Complimentary PDF version
Account manager


Designed with your branding
Stock images / use yours
Financial chart formatting
Pick your 'look and feel'
Up to 2 design revisions

+ Content

Call to review deck together (30 mins)
Full content review
Narrative review (Tell a story!)
Fat removal (Clear messaging)
To do list (Don't miss key slides)
Content revision (One)
Have questions? You can reach out to us on the contact page or use the chat bar if we are online!

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