What: Sequoia style pitch deck for early stage startups. 3 hours of intensive 1-on-1s leveraging our proprietary methodology to redo your deck from scratch. Design included.

Pricing: €2,000, fixed fee

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Deck redesign
Review call
Deck redesign and review calls

Sequoia style pitch deck

Intensive pitch deck creation

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Summary of Sequoia style pitch deck service

What you need

How we help

  • Your deck is terrible or you don't know even know how to write one as well as what investors expect
  • You know you need to improve your deck but you have hit a brick wall
  • Your narrative is not convincing and the content needs to be redone
  • You need your deck done in a week so you can get raising ASAP
  • We spend an hour to understand your business and explain how the process works
  • We customise a 'paint by numbers' outline leveraging our proprietary methodology together and you provide the inputs on your specific business
  • We take your content and write a deck and review it together
  • It's done! You can request changes for 30 days


Expert consultant gets your deck done

Total fee

About this service:

  • Expertly-crafted narrative
  • Insight from founders who have raised before
  • Customised for you bespoke
  • Professionally-designed
  • Sequoia Capital outline
  • Unlimited revisions for 30 Days



Send your deck (if you have one)

We do an intensive 1 hour session

You fill in our outline

We make your deck

We have a review call

Give us feedback

Time to get raising

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