Pricing for services

What: €6,000 for a pitch deck and €400 for a call

Other: Terms are spelled out below


Custom deck from scratch




€400 per hour


The smallprint

How do I charge?

  • 100% upfront
  • Online payment

Is payment secure

You pay through Stripe. Simples.

Are you a real person? / Is this shady as F?

I'm a real person and you've probably seen content I've made before.

Also, how many sites have videos with the consultant? Just saying.

What if you call BS after paying as I'm actually a sharlatan?

You're relying on me for really important stuff, so I get it. The moment you talk to me you'll know I know my shizzle.

I've never had an unhappy customer and clients come back for help for their next raise.

If you aren't happy on the first call, I'll just refund you. Life's too short for BS. 

What's your cancellation policy?

If you are not committed to doing your deck, don't contact me till you are.

If you cancel before doing a call after paying I'll refund the net amount after the fees (Stripe fee) I was charged no questions asked.

Once you start I don't do refunds as I don't want to waste my time. Doing decks hurts my brain as it's hard! Don't book me if you plan on cancelling your fundraise etc. 

What is the time limit to do a deck with you?

If you work hard you can do your deck in a week.

You can book a call with me at any time you want for 4 weeks from the date of the first call. 

I've had too many clients take 6 months. I forget what you are doing and end up wasting a lot of time repeating what I taught you.

You could be a dog on the internet. I have questions!

Cool. Hit me up (click). I respond to everything personally.

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