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What: You can work on anything. Should you quit your startup and work on something which has a higher chance of making you rich? I'll help you figure that out.

Pricing: $400 an hour to $2,000 for a day

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Caveat: Not for piss takers and time wasters

Summary of a "Should I quit my startup?" call

What you need

How I help

  • Is my startup going to fail?
  • Do I have better options to get rich?
  • What don't I know that's going to make me fail?
  • Am I totally wasting my time?
  • Is it time to pivot to something else?
  • I'm passionate about something else, what now?
  • Zoom call with myself (not an intern)
  • Honest, direct and, critical feedback
  • Logic based discussion for pre-revenue
  • Metrics driven discussion for series-A+ stages
  • Conceptual or granular feedback
  • 100% confidential and non-judgemental

Video overview

Yes, I'm a real person. I make these videos so you know that, and frankly to build trust.

If you hate reading then watch this and make a call. I have FAQs at the bottom for every question, though.

Startup founders have an RoI

Work is work. Startup is work but you're the boss and have an option to make more money in future. Hopefully.

If you can make more money working in Chucky Cheese long-term, I'm going to tell you to do that.

Founders have been mind wiped that they only do a startup for missionary reasons. That's partially true, but totally bullshite. You want to make it big at some point, whilst 'changing the world all the while'. Your investors only care about money and your staff, whilst virtue signalling, can only justify the sacrifices they make at 11pm on a Saturday night that they going to at least get a Tesla at the end of all this.

You're welcome to virtue signal too, and even to 100% believe it. But if your startup sucks, it's not changing anything. Martin "had a dream" but I'd like to believe it changed something, albeit not in his lifetime. You can have a dream to do good but if no one cares you aren't changing anything!

I have a friend who has blown his inheritance on social change. Problem is everything he's done has had no traction. It's only when he finally admitted after my commercial mind-washing that his change needs traction that understood it and had to do something that would actually work that he became the change he wanted to see in the world.

Like it or not, startups need to generate an RoI. You can work on anything. Why not work on something that works? 

Feeling it's not working but something excites you?

I've convinced a dozen founders to date to quit their startup.

On the one hand it goes against all startup doctrine that everyone is capable, competent and entitles to achieve their dreams. On the other hand, it helps smart people realise they are spinning their tyres when that passion could otherwise be spent on something where the rubber hits the wheel.

Many startups are literally just bears shitting in the woods. We know it's happening but it's not even something we bother considering. Do you want to be Martin sharing speeches in the woods no one even hears?

When I have calls about whether a founder should "quit their startup", the funny thing is that there is always something else they want to talk about. An idea they have that they are actually passionate about, but they feel they don't want to talk about it as it's like cheating on their "baby".

Once you get the founder talking about the new thing they could work on, they can't stop talking about it. They just need to forget about the cheating part to feel free to be who they wish they could be, by working on what they care about.

Not that the new thing is always better! But it could be, or at least give you an RoI that pays by making you genuinely happy.

Who can possibly be honest about me quitting?

I told you I've had a lot of founders quit what they are working on. Prima facie that sounds like a terrible thing to do, and as I'm writing this I had to pause to question it. But it was.

Take a chap in his 30s in Thailand that is a brilliant marketer. He used to work for me. He started what I told him was an idiotic idea and 4 years later I did the math with him and he lost per year more than he could make per month doing basic consulting. I may have never liked the idea, but the metrics and math proved my point for him. 

Take a lady in her 40s in Canada who after a high-flying career in banking then looking after the kids is hitting the startup trail. She hired me to help her with her deck and I told her what she was doing made no sense to me. She dropped it the next day and a week later focused on her side-project that she really wanted to focus on, but didn't want to lose the time she spent on the other venture.

You see, everyone has an RoI as we talked about before. But it also has a passion RoI. What you're passionate about might be what you should be working on but don't have the balls to do so. The passion I am talking about isn't just about hippy-dippy feel good stuff, but that what you could do could make you a lot of money by doing something that really solves a problem your audience has.

I'm different in that I have a slightly autistic willingness to share what might not be socially acceptable, and is grounded in pure logic. Rainman counts matches on the floor and that's how many there are. If you have options I count how many matches each box has, but also why some matches might be worth more than others.


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