Why did I start Perfect Pitch Deck?

If you hate writing pitch decks, trust me, investors hate reading them more! Investors each get thousands of decks a year. That's a whole lot of reading...

There are hundreds of thousands of founders trying to raise and only a few thousand will ever get funded. Those aren't great odds. 

It takes around 6 months to raise a round. Fundraising is a total bitch. No one enjoys it! But founders don't always make things easy for themselves.

The truth is... most decks suck. They're just painful to read. I've had many decks where I don't even know what it is the startup does?

For years, I've written blogs, videos, free templates but frankly, nothing seemed to have worked. And you know what, the fact that you need to accumulate so much knowledge to run a good enough process has something to do with it. 

As a pitch deck and fundraise nerd, I decided to try something different. So I started Perfect Pitch Deck to honestly try help founders waste less time and get the funding they need to build cool stuff. So far it's working!

Lovely to meet you!

My name is Alexander Jarvis. I'm the founder of Perfect Pitch Deck. So, who is this cheeky chappy? 

In corporate land, I've worked in top tier M&A buying and selling multi-billion insurance and asset management companies in Europe. I've also worked in venture capital investing in early stage companies in South East Asia and India. 

I've been an entrepreneur since a child and bootstrapped a number of companies. I've also built very large, billion dollar plus companies in Asia Pacific. 

I founded 50Folds.com to venture build startups which is a pain in the bum!

I'm a director of a VC and a Fund of VC. I mentor across a number of top accelerators in both Asia and Europe, and whole lot of founders who reach out to me for help.

I run a blog to help founders called alexanderjarvis.com. There are a tonne of resources you should use!

I've also done all the talking stuff like Tedx, but that's lame, so not going there. I'll just say I have a sincere interest in people achieving their dreams and hope I can help you too.

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What are you waiting for?

I thank you for spending time considering working with me and I look forward to helping you get your deck done so you can get raising! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'm friendly (after coffee) 😉

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