Review your pitch deck

What: You aren't happy with your deck and are sick of it. Get a 1-on-1 call with direct, honest actionable feedback to actually improve it from an investor's perspective.

Pricing: $400 an hour to $2,000 for a day

100% money back guarantee

I give value.  If I don't give help, I'll refund you (inc fees).

Caveat: Not for piss takers and time wasters

Summary of a "Pitch Deck Review" call

What you need

How I help

  • Is my deck fundable?
  • Why doesn't it tell my story?
  • How do I present better?
  • What slides are missing?
  • Practice my pitch live
  • Zoom call with myself (not an intern)
  • Nonest, direct and, critical feedback
  • Constructive ways to improve
  • I can do VC style practice pitch with you
  • Conceptual or granular feedback
  • 100% confidential and non-judgemental

Video overview

Yes, I'm a real person. I make these videos so you know that, and frankly to build trust.

If you hate reading then watch this and make a call. I have FAQs at the bottom for every question, though.

Does your pitch deck suck?

I would guess 95% of pitch decks flat out suck. The people with decent decks have someone helping them, be it their investor, accelerator of a consultant. 

I've seen thousands of pitch decks and I can count on my fingers the number of 'good' decks I've seen. Yeah, it's that bad. Even the funded decks I've seen have a lot of room for improvement. But that's the thing- you're deck doesn't have to be perfect! It just needs to be fundable.

But what is a fundable deck?

If you go Googling to learn about pitch decks, chances are you will find a lot of content (and some from my blog). If you read a lot of it you'll find a troubling commonality. Almost all of it is the same. That's because it's typically fluff articles written by someone that read what someone else wrote and repackaged it. 

There's little to any actionable content as to how write your pitch deck. The most you will get is a checklist of slides, but they don't call it a checklist- they're prescriptive. The reason that there is no useful content is that writing it is crazy hard! I know because I'm writing a pitch deck course and am 100k words in!

No one was born knowing how to do a pitch deck. you only have to know because investors ask for them in order for you to get their money.  They don't help you build traction, or anything that actually keeps your staff employed. If you had to build a list of things to learn to build a startup, pitch decks wouldn't even be on the list if you weren't raising.

Your deck sucks because you don't know how to do it properly and there's no content to tell you.

Pitch deck feedback sucks

You've blown weeks (at min) learning about pitch decks and have finally got one shipped, but you know it isn't right. So you can easily get some quick feedback and it will be all good, right? Nope.

Everyone has advice, but does anyone actually know what they are doing? The truth is almost no one. More experienced investors, founders and the like will definitely be able to tell you if something is wrong. They may even be able to point to something that feels like it is missing. They won't be able to tell you how to actually fix it. Why? People rarely write pitch decks.

Everyone in startup land feels like they are capable of giving pitch deck feedback because they've read a few blogs on raising and the content isn't terribly complicated. It feels easy because they don't know enough to know they aren't an expert. It's called the Lake Wobegon effect.

So you know what's coming now. Some sales pitch from the schmuck who owns the blog who's going to say he's the only one that can help me.

I'm not the only one, but I know more than anyone I've been able to meet. When I find people that might be experts I reach out to them to see what I can learn. I'm still looking.

If you asked me 5 years ago what things I would be an expert on, pitch decks are NOT one of them! I accidentally became an expert.

When I started blogging as a VC to teach founders I noticed pitch decks got the most engagement, so I started making more content. I posted about 180 blogs on pitch decks I found and started sharing my observations. Because I had the content I got asked a lot of questions and I started thinking about them more. At some point it became almost the only thing I spent time on. 

When you consider how much founders hate pitch decks (as I do) and my personality is to give it straight and no BS, I'm suited to helping people be fundable. The fact I know so much about startup business models means I can give feedback in the context of a specific startup. I'm not the best because I'm smarter than everyone, I am because I've blown more time on this niche than anyone else.


1 hour call

2 hour call

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What we do on a call

Get to know another and build trust

Calibrate to your level

Teach the fundamentals

Teach you what you need to learn

Get a recording and book a follow up call

Why I can actually help you?

Before you hand over money to someone, especially one that claims to be an “expert”, you should question if they actually are full of BS, or not?

Let’s face it, “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

I have a tonne of nerdy content to read

Why do I have a clue?

What’s my background?

Why I am different

Let's sort out your pitch deck (Book now)

Questions and Answers

What is this call?

Does my deck suck?

Why does my deck suck?

Why can you help me?

Am I the only clueless one?

Yes, this is me listening to yet another pitch

How does it work?

What do I have to do?

What do I get?

Are calls recorded and can I have a copy?

Do I do prep time before a call?

Do you need to prepare anything before a call

Who is this for?

Can you help me redo my deck if it sucks?

Who is this not for?

Do you sign NDAs

Can you reschedule / cancel the call?

Where are you based / what times are you available?

Who do you work with?

Is this confidential?

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