You aren't happy with your deck and are sick of it. Get a 1-on-1 session with direct and honest feedback to fix it.

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What you need

How we help

  • Is my deck fundable?
  • How do I present better?
  • What slides are missing?
  • Practice my pitch live
  • 30/60 minute phone call with a deck expert
  • 100% honest, critical feedback
  • Constructive ways to improve
  • We can do VC style practice pitch with you


Experienced consultant

30 minute call

60 minute call

In 30 minutes you can understand if your pitch deck is fundable or not. Then get some priority feedback on what you should focus on to improve, typically your narrative.

In 60 minutes you can not only understand if your pitch deck is fundable, but detailed feedback on what to improve.



    With Alexander (Founder)

    30 minute call

    60 minute call

    Touch on any topic where you are facing the greatest challenge.

    Understand how to raise, dig into a few of your most pressing concerns- whatever they are.




    Send your deck and book a call

    Pay for your call upfront.

    Provide your deck to be reviewed live on the call.

    We do a call

    Book a time convenient to you.

    We discuss whatever you want. If you aren't sure, we can tell you.

    Time to get raising

    Time to get raising!

    If you want to book further calls, have at it!

    Schedule a call with Alexander

    Order a feedback call

    Questions and Answers

    What is this call?

    We get on a call and we run through your deck slide by slide. We give you unfiltered feedback on it and whether you will have a shot with investors.

    It's quite likely you have done the basics wrong or there is an issue with your business model. We can get into that if you want.

    There is very little we can't talk about. If we don't know we tell you and don't lie.

    It's also a great way to figure out if you want more hands on help from us.

    You leave the call with a clear action plan to improve your deck.

    Does your deck suck?

    In my experience, yes. I've seen a couple of pretty good decks in my time, but yeah, 99.9% it does. But I'm not going to be all judgy yet. Maybe you're the exception.

    Get on a call and know for sure. No matter how good it is, it can always be better. But then, you know that already. You wouldn't be here otherwise.

    Why does my deck suck?

    No one was born knowing how to raise money. And it's a pointless skill unless you need money.

    Here are the main reasons why decks are rubbish:

    • You know too much: You want to share every detail and you get paralysed
    • You assume too much prior knowledge: People don't understand the basics
    • You don't take it seriously: Decks take time to write. Often founders just don't put in the work
    • You have a speciality background: It's obvious when an engineer writes a deck. All tech and zero sales
    • You don't know your business: You simply haven't thought about your business model, your GTM, why the timing is right etc. Investors expect you to have all the answers
    • How you communicate isn't structured: No one want to read a wall of bullet points and stupid clip art. You need to be structured and that's a skill

    Why can you help me?

    Because we know nothing about your business, but we know what investors want. We're fresh eyes.

    We don't care how much time you have spent on your deck to date. If it sucks we'll tell you to do it again, and what you need to improve.

    We know how to explain startup stuff, and can help you focus on the right points, not the ones you 'thought' mattered.

    Yes, this is the founder listening to yet another pitch

    How does it work?

    It's pretty simple:

    • You pay
    • You send your deck
    • You pick a time to chat
    • You get a whole lot of insight
    • You can book another call

    What do you have to do?

    Other than listen?

    • Send your deck
    • Book a call
    • Listen, learn and improve
    • Go be a bad ass

    What do you get?

    • One on one time
    • Crap load of insight into your business model
    • Understand how investors think, so how you need to communicate
    • Recorded call
    • Guide for how to hug trees. Obviously not...

    Who is this for?

    Serious and real founders:

    • You have a deck done (obviously)
    • You are raising money
    • Want no BS, direct, actionable help
    • You've raised before, but know you need someone smart to go over as 'you know too much'
    • You haven't raised before and know you are clueless
    • Want to be better and know feedback is not personal, but a learning opportunity to help close this fucking round... finally

    Who is this not for?

    • No snowflakes
    • Don't like the truth
    • Want things wrapped in flowery language

    Is this confidential?

    Yes, of course.

    We wouldn't have a business if founders didn't trust us.

    Explain pricing

    There's two options You can work with one of our talented consultants or Alexander:


    • 30 minutes: $100
    • 60 minutes: $200


    • 30 minutes: $150
    • 60 minutes: $300

      If you want more time, you just book another session.

      If you then want a lot more help, we have more services.