Review your financial model

What: I review your financial model. Let you know if investors will laugh or cry at your logic and forecasts.

Get a 1-on-1 to logically walk through my thinking of your KPIs, milestones, and even the methodology you used.

Pricing: $400 an hour to $2,000 for a day

100% money back guarantee

I give value.  If I don't give help, I'll refund you (inc fees).

Caveat: Not for piss takers and time wasters

Summary of a "Financial Model Review" call

What you need

How I help

  • Is my model a joke?
  • Will I be able to defend it to any questions?
  • Are my projections reasonable and fundable?
  • Does my logic actually make sense?
  • Am I focused on the right KPIs?
  • I don't have a clue and need you to teach me!
  • Look, I'm the largest seller of models on the internet
  • Zoom call with myself (not an intern)
  • Conceptual or granular feedback
  • I can refactor your model live if needed
  • 100% confidential and a little judgemental, lol 😉
  • I charge $300ph. Calls are on Zoom

Video overview

Yes, I'm a real person. I make these videos so you know that, and frankly to build trust.

If you hate reading then watch this and make a call. I have FAQs at the bottom for every question, though.

Your financial model have you totally lost?

Let's face it, if you didn't work in investment banking or management consulting, you very likely suck at financial models. That's like 99.99% of everyone! Even if you know how to model, then you have the whole how to model a startup thing...

Problem is, you are going to be asked for a financial model by investors. There's no hiding from it... "You can run, but you can't hide."

Out of necessity, you've probably spent more time than you could possibly fathom trying to build a model. Only, it's witchcraft and you're scared of being burned at the stake by investors. Do the outputs even make sense!?

Why do investors want a model? There's many reasons, but they aren't obvious to startup founders because your numbers are fictional. What's actually happening when an investor looks at a model is to figure out how ambitious you are whilst at the same time figuring out how logical you are. 

Ambition and logic is a function of art and science. These both require experience and a lot of effort, which is no wonder why it's the bane of your existence. Startup forecasts are the epitome of "the more you know, the harder you know they are."

Why your financial model matters

You made a great pitch deck which got you the meeting. You practiced your pitch hard and now investors are interested and the process is advancing. "Can we have a look at your model?" You hear. Huh? Why the heck do investors want a model when they know forecasts are always wrong?!

Whilst forecasts are always wrong, good models are useful. They inform a lot on your thinking. You're asking for $10m- the model explains not only the milestones you are going to deliver for your next round, but if done properly, the logic of why you are spending that money. 

Investors can look at your model and tell you if there are deep flaws in your business model, if you know nothing about your industry benchmarks, or even how marketing works. Whilst you can BS your way in pitches if you are good at sales, it's really hard to pull a good model off without smart work.

It's hard for me to explain the importance of a model without writing an essay. Here's how I looked at financial models (my blog) as a VC. Take it from me, the clients that hire me to review their model are in the top quartile of founder quality. They know how hard it is to get a model right and a pair of experienced eyes can challenge a lot of assumptions.


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What we do on a call

Get to know another and build trust

Calibrate to your level

Teach the fundamentals

Teach you what you need to learn

Get one of my models...

Get a recording and book a follow up call

Why I can actually help you?

Before you hand over money to someone, especially one that claims to be an “expert”, you should question if they actually are full of BS, or not?

Let’s face it, “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

I make six figures selling models asleep

Why do I have a clue?

What’s my background?

Why I am different

Let's sort out your financial model (Book now)

Questions and Answers

Can you do G Sheets (Not Excel)

What is this call?

Are you the only clueless one?

Are calls recorded and can you have a copy?

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What is the booking process?

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