We know what a perfect pitch deck looks like and how you need to communicate to investors. We know because we were VCs.

Upload your ugly pitch presentation and your pitch deck designer styles it to perfection. Fixed pricing from just €29 per slide and satisfaction guaranteed.

Looking for serious help? We specialise in doing decks from scratch. Check out custom decks.

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Investors are busy

Your pitch deck needs to STAND OUT



That's the average time investors spend looking at your pitch deck. You need to make it count


Pitch Decks

The average venture capital partner is pitched over 2,000 times a year. The big firms get nearly 5,000

Did you know that having the right pitch deck design can drastically impact your chances of raising funding?

Impactful Design

Design quality speaks to your execution ability...

Tall Tales

VCs love a story as much as kids do. Grab and hold their attention.


You need know what content investors expect and preempt questions

Your pitch needs to be engaging and informative to communicate your vision and make an impact on investors. A high quality design achieves this.

Concise Copy

You're selling, not writing a novel. Short, focused text is easier to read and remember.

Very Visual

Images invoke emotions in a way boring text will never be able to.


"Leave them wanting more!" A great pitch gets the 1st and 2nd meeting

Good design tells VCs a lot about you

Drag the slider to see before and after example of deck design


Endless lines of text. No visual communication making it painful for investors to read.


A premium, custom design that communicates a concise message visually to leave a lasting impact.

We're designers...

Sure, some deck designer can make a presentation look pretty. Not many can make one effective.

When it comes to fundraising, should you trust any designer for an absolutely critical task? No you want subject matter experts.

That's why we are different

...but we're story tellers too

We founded Perfect Pitch Deck because we called BS on ugly, crappy decks. Every VC friend of ours has too! Trust me, it's painful reading a deck and wondering:

"What do these founders even do?!"

The team are ex-VC, M&A, and have founded and scaled billion dollar companies (and bootstrapped a bunch too).

We get VCs as we were VCs. We get you as we are founders and we know the struggle.

So... we know what we are doing

We've helped thousands of founders over the years. It's hard to not pick up a trick or twenty.

Not sure?

Founders that build unicorns like you are planning on, aren't dumb. You challenge assumptions. You channel Peter Thiel, right 😉

Good for you. Don't hand out trust.

One earns trust. That's why we offer a free audit. Just send us your deck and we'll send you one back with some quick feedback and analysis. You'll typically respond "ok, you know what you're talking about let's proceed."


You want delightful results and to get back executing

Tl;dr: You send, we fix, you focus on raising with confidence

Upload your draft slide deck securely. We guarantee results.

We always nail your design as investors will judge you on it. Our unique value is ensuring your content actually does the job.

We are 'disrupting' confusing decks by removing the pain of upgrading your investor pitch deck to par. You only need to upload your draft pitch deck file, pick a design style, deadline, and our team ensure you show your best self. 

Each deck is reviewed or built with a founder.

Within a week, you will have a professional pitch deck you won't be embarrassed to show off to investors and friends. Yes, we can do faster if you need it.

Affordable price, no hidden fees. From €29 per slide.

We know times may be lean, so our prices are super competitive. Whether you just need design, help with the content and narrative or a custom deck, we have you covered.

Everything needs to get done, so your dedicated account manager and hard-working specialists will amaze you with our efficient process. You get an instant quote when you select your package so you know exactly what it costs.

Our team only does one thing. Pitch decks

We don't hire kids to do your deck. We know how to build compelling pitch decks, with hundreds under our belts.

But more than just making things 'look' nice, we actually understand fundraising. We've built startups ourselves and worked in venture capital. If you have an issue with narrative and business model strategy, we can cover you (well, we'll tell you).

We deliver happiness (guaranteed).
100% of our customers recommend our service.

We've been making decks a long time so we know what we are doing. Our customers love the result of this.

A great pitch deck can mean you get a meeting (or not) with investors, so we take our work seriously. Treat us as a partner in your fundraising success.

Your ideas are completely confidential and secure.

Like investors, we are in the business of making the best pitch decks, not starting 100 startups. All that matters is execution... etc.

The foundation of our business is based on trust and total confidentiality. If you are sharing technical details, or are just super cautious, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you on request. No worries!

All data you communicate to us is via SSL, encrypted channels. 

Yes, make my perfect pitch deck!

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