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Raised $35m Series-B

I'm one of the co-founders of Swanky Smiles, the world's first 100% mobile orthodontic company.

We found ourselves in need of a quick turnaround for a pitch deck and frankly I didn't have time to get it wrong.

Alex helped me work through the key points, get out of the weeds of our own paradigm and clarify our pitch to people who didn't know about us.

The reception from investors was immediate. Many went out of their way to mention the pitch deck specifically, not just our idea.

Because of this, we quickly found an investing partner that was perfect for us. If you are looking to raise money, I highly recommend Alex.

Jeff Wilson. Co-Founder, Swanky Smiles



Acquired by Prudential Insurance. 




Series-B extension from 4490 Ventures


Undisclosed round


Acquired by Alibaba


Unbdisclosed round

VC fundraise

Undisclosed, anchored by Peter Thiel

Quant fundraise



Seed round from Episode1




Series-A by Albion Ventures


Seed round by Earlybird and Senovo


Series-C by HBM Healcare Investments


Undisclosed round


Seed round by angel investors




Undisclosed round


I know what a 'perfect pitch deck' looks like and how you need to communicate to investors. I know because I work in VC and advise VCs. This isn't a lame design agency. It's strategy and fundraising consulting (you end up with a deck at the end). Fundraising isn't a design competition, it's a communication competition. If you are looking for the best advice money can buy, you come to me.

You want delightful results and to get back executing

Tl;dr: We fix together, you get on raising with confidence

Investors are busy

Your pitch deck needs to STAND OUT



That's the average time investors spend looking at your pitch deck. You need to make it count


Pitch Decks

The average venture capital partner is pitched over 2,000 times a year. The big firms get nearly 5,000

Did you know that a convincing pitch deck can drastically impact your chances of getting meetings?

Structured Design

Easy to read with a story to tell. Investors are busy.

Tall Tales

VCs love a story as much as kids do. Decks have a coherent narrative.


You need know what content investors expect and preempt questions

Decks don't get you funded, they get you meetings. Without meetings you have no shot at getting funded. My methods give you the best shot at getting in the room with VCs or LPs.

Concise Copy

You're selling, not writing a novel. Short, focused text is easier to read and remember.

Very Visual

Text is dull. All claims are backed up with the most compelling facts.


"Leave them wanting more!" A great pitch gets the 1st and 2nd meeting

Book and have a deck in a week

I only write decks from scratch. I've invented my own methodologies and even slides. I know pitch decks. 

In a week (if you work hard), you will have a professional pitch deck you won't be embarrassed to show off to investors and friends. 

Flat pricing, no hidden fees

A deck is €5,000. A call is €300 per hour. There are no other hidden fees and upsells. 

For feedback consulting I don't require you to book blocks of calls.

I do one thing here. Pitch decks

No child labor involved here. There is no team. I work with you 100%. I've done so many decks I'll stop doing this soon.

I don't offer low-level design-only services. I'm not about making things 'look' nice. I actually understand fundraising. I've built startups and work in venture capital. You come to me for the smart stuff.

I deliver happiness (guaranteed).
100% of our customers recommend our service.

I've been making decks a long time so I know what I'm doing. My customers get results or the best shot at being funded.

A great pitch deck can mean you get a meeting (or not) with investors, so I take my work seriously. 

Your ideas are completely confidential and secure.

Frankly, your info isn't interesting to me and I'm not going to use it! The folk who ask for NDAs always have the least reason for one.

Like investors, I'm in the business of making the best pitch decks, not starting 100 startups. All that matters is execution... etc.

The foundation of our business is based on trust and total confidentiality. If you're being acquired or something, you can docsend me a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

All data you communicate to us is via SSL, encrypted channels. 

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