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  • Do I have a shot with investors?
  • Will I get the $[5]m?
  • Is my business model fundable or flawed?
  • Should I wait, or am I good to go?
  • Do I even need to raise money from investors?
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  • Metrics driven discussion for series-A+ stages
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Should you be fundraising from investors?

Being a venture capital funded startup seems to be a badge of honor to startups these days. Reading TechCrunch and seeing all these startups raise big from famous investors gives you the impression that it is not only easy, but it's just the normal thing to do.

TechCrunch actually wrote a blog in 2020 stating that they only write about startup fundraising is because 1/ people click on those blogs, and 2/ that it's more interesting than talking about the grind founders go through!

Raising is not normal and it is not sexy.

The question you should be asking isn't when or how much you should be raising, but if you should be fundraising in the first place! There are a lot of other options and a whole lot of founders who don't raise who are making money- only they don't get talked about.

Being a 'fundraising advisor' for your purposes, you might find it ironic that I'm on a mission to educate founders not to raise at all! That's only part of it.

I only want founders to raise if there is a compelling logic and they are able to do so if it will benefit them. 

Before I tell a founder if they are fundable, I want to discuss whether you should be raising at all.

Fundraising sucks!

If you haven't raised before, you simply have no idea how much fundraising sucks. I repeatedly prepare my pitch deck clients for the shite storm they are going to face and they listen, but they don't get it. It's only a month in they email me and say "I understood what you were telling me, but I didn't think you were serious. Man, raising sucks!"

One of the reasons you shouldn't raise if you don't need to, or if you are unlikely to be successful is how much it sucks! The rejection is constant, you lose motivation and confidence, but more than that, you stop focusing on your startup and you suffer financially. Ironically venture capital investors actually look for startups that are growing whilst you are raising! Seriously.

If you do not need to raise, you should not do it. If you are not fundable, you should not raise.

But, if you are one of the rare companies who has the potential to raise on strong terms, and you know how to spend the money, it can do wonders for you. Only, it can kill your startup if you do things wrong which is all too often the case.

There are ways to know if you are fundable. It just requires a diverse set of knowledge and experience, which pretty much no one is willing to put in the work to develop.

Fundable startups are fundable

I talk to a lot of founders. One thing I found myself saying repeatedly is "fundable startups are fundable!"

To me it became obvious. If you are fundable, you will be able to raise from investors. If you aren't a top in class startup, you will not be able to raise money from investors. The obvious question of course is "well, how do I know if I am fundable?"

That question, my friend is a really hard answer to give. The ability to give an answer is entirely based on a 'feel' you develop after tracking startups for years and understanding business models. I took a stab at explaining fundable startups are fundable on my blog.

Since I've given advice to founders for years, I've figured out that I'm pretty spot on as to whether a startup will be able to raise, but there are a lot of variables. The big one is the drive founders have. One founder spent 18 months raising and finally found folks to give him money. Man it was grueling! I told him that he is unlikely going to be able to raise as the business model has some flaws, but if he didn't give up he would make it happen. He managed to raise, but the startup is dead.

I never give certainties when I give advice about whether you are fundable. I can just tell if you are more or less likely. There are of course startups that just have no hope and the founders have no clue- only there is is easier!

If you aren't fundable, it not just about your traction. If you've been able to raise a around or two you're doing something right. It doesn't mean you will get an exit though. When I tell founders they aren't likely to raise, it's because they have an issue with their business model. That's something you can fix if you are willing to put in the time. 

I can tell you if you are fundable. If you aren't fundable I can tell you what's wrong with your business model which you can opt to work on. 


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