Here's how I work with you to get your deck done


Time: 1 hour

I've invented a methodology to consistently get your deck done. Yes, there is still a lot of work involved, but when you do it my way you know that it will actually get done and properly (Just do what I tell you!).

Every call starts out with me understanding your business and your industry in enough detail. I need to understand the dynamics of the industry, the problems your clients have, and why competition aren't solving the problem well enough for you to exist, amongst many points. This chat typically goes on for an hour and is very similar to an investor pitch.

The goal is for me to understand your business in a way an investor would to know why it is fundable so I can pitch it myself.

This chat is fun for me because I get to learn about your industry and business, and insightful to you as I'll force you to consider perspectives and details you might not have considered. It's actually a strategy consulting call booked in.

If you have done a deck before I don't actually care about it. We do everything from scratch for a few reasons.



Time: 2-4 hours

Once I "get it", we are going to write a narrative for your pitch deck in a Google Doc. This is a pitch deck outline in a series of bullet points (What I call a "dot dash narrative"). Each bullet will be the header header of a slide and each one flows coherently.

This is really hard and I do most of the work here! You (and whomever you bring on the call) will add your insight till we build a logical story. We only stop working on this when you say "Alexander, that's great, we've nailed it." We do nothing until this outline is right for you as it will save you so much time it is not funny!

Frequently we can get the understanding and this outline done in one 3 hour call. Sometimes people have businesses that are so simple that they are hard to explain in a compelling way and writing your outline takes a lot more time. I've once done an outline in one hour. Every business is really different, which is also why I can't hire staff to do this for me!



The outline is a pain to do well, but I am principally responsible for figuring it out. I'm really good at this.

Once the outline is done, the onus is on you to provide everything that's needed. During this phase I will give you ideas of the best ways we could prove what we are trying to say with data and charts. Unfortunately you can't always find what you need! So we find the best we can. Everything goes into the Google Doc.

There's two main sections:

  • Story section: This is the hardest part as we set up your industry and the problem. It's a lot about trying to tell a story which is a pain in the bum to do as you will never do it perfectly and there's so many ways to do it
  • Execution section: This is considerably easier to complete. I have template slides for a lot that just need to be filled in. For things like traction you have what you have and there's no hiding.

The time to complete this really depends on you. I give you homework and you just need to get it done. You're the only one who knows your business so it can't be outsourced.



All the hard work is done in the Google Doc. Once the doc is done your deck will be completed fast, maybe even same day.

I've done a lot of decks so I've collated template slides I made to represent all kinds of information. I'm just turning the doc into a structured PowerPoint.

Once I'm finished making the PowerPoint it's just nitpicking when it comes to design. 

I've learned that some people struggle with the doc so I sometimes make the PowerPoint earlier and you can dump your text/images into it. 

The last thing we do is run through everything in the deck slide by slide and wordsmith till you're happy.



Now the real fun starts! Start reaching out to investors with your pitch deck and get the process going.

If you need advisory on your fundraising process I can assist with everything from financial models, to consulting on running an effective process.

I do spend some time teaching you about fundraising as we do the deck. Reality is we get bored talking about decks and want to change the topic occasionally to another nerdy topic 😉


I know myself. Your pitch deck is important to you. So it is for us for me too.

Most of my clients come from word of mouth and I want to keep it that way.

We want to ensure you are 100% happy with your pitch deck.

Yes, make my perfect pitch deck!



It's so annoying when companies are not transparent about their pricing (and have hidden charges).

I offer clear, transparent pricing.  That's €5,000.

You always know up-front the price that you will pay with Perfect Pitch Deck. It's like going to a gas machine.

Yes, make my perfect pitch deck!

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