Send us your pitch deck. We unsuck it


There is a seamless online process on the order form. Simply:

  • Decide if you want content help on top of design? Or a custom deck?
  • Upload your presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote (We build in these not in Google Slides as functionality is better)
  • Set out any specifications such as colour, font, look and feel you want. Be as fussy as you want (or not)


You get a dedicated account manager. Fancy, right? You can WhatsApp, email etc how you like. We use Skype a lot.

They'll check if your info makes sense (or not). If Kool and the Gang, propose you a design for you to approve. You can then provide feedback as to whether that's what you are looking for and give the go ahead. Choo choo!

If you have requested a content review, we will schedule a call with you to go through your deck, slide by slide, and be 100% no BS. We want you to win big, so we'll give you the VC feedback that VCs won't EVER give you. If you don't like honesty, please let us know before we start and we will ensure you get a safe space to hide in.

For custom decks, we run through your material, then organise a call to understand your business model in depth. We'll talk a lot till your deck is done. This is a firm collaboration- you need to be the industry expert. 

At present the founder builds your deck and does the calls. You don't get some kid with no clue giving you advice. 



Following your feedback, our team will collaborate to complete your perfect pitch deck.

Your design will be based on your corporate format, or on your generalised guidelines. If you aren't sure what you want, we can just figure out something pretty for you. TBH, this is what most founders ask for, unless you are S-B funded and have some PR person nagging you (Which we find annoying too).

Content is never 'perfect', but it doesn't have to be. Founders don't get that. It needs to be DONE and good enough. Once you start pitching you will start learning. You can tweak. But our baseline is better than yours... and we're faster. BTW, we only do editable files, no fancy Adobe stuff, SPECIFICALLY so you can constantly update yourself.

We chat, send updates, you give some feedback. It's normally pretty simple (e.g. Slide 15 is too pink). 



Once your pitch deck is completed, you will be sent your desired file type (PowerPoint or Keynote) and a PDF version (Just to be nice). We do not make decks in InDesign as we want you to be able to edit it (and it's way too hard to do that in fancy, artsy software). We think like founders as we are founders.

Yes, of course, the document is totally editable by you. If you feel like it you can change colors and text, even add pages and new images. It's your pitch deck!

We know that decks rarely stay the same. You learn as you talk to investors. We want to make sure you can do this. 

You are now good to go. Get ready to start your fundraise!

Not happy? That's not happened to us.



Now the real fun starts! Start reaching out to investors with your pitch deck and get the process going.

If you need advisory on your fundraising process another arm of the company can assist you. Just ask for more details. We can cover everything from financial models, to consulting on running an effective process.


We know ourselves. Your pitch deck is important to you. So it is for us too.

Most of our clients come from word of mouth and we want to keep it that way.

We want to ensure you are 100% happy with your pitch deck.

To this end, we offer two rounds of revisions for each step in design and content.

If we are muppets then we offer 110% guarantee.

Yes, make my perfect pitch deck!


We get asked a lot if we do Google Slides?

Short version: Yes, you can receive your pitch deck in Google Slides… but there is a but!

Here’s the deal. We use PowerPoint or Keynote to make your pitch deck as the functionality is better.

Google has restrictions such as use of custom fonts. So if we build your deck using Bebas, then when it is uploaded to Google Sheets the fonts convert to Arial and the formats get weird like Halloween. You don’t want your deck looking spooky 😉

Also Google doesn’t deal with Keynote files, so they have to be made in PowerPoint (which may be fine for you).

We ALWAYS recommend you only send investors your deck in PDF so you shouldn’t be sharing a file in Google Slides in any case.

If none of the founders have PowerPoint or Keynote on their computer, then OK. We can make your file in PowerPoint using webfonts only and the formatting should be fine. 

We don’t bullshit founders ever. So we can’t promise your pitch deck will be as perfect in Google Slides! We will try our absolute best though to make it as close as.

We accept all currencies (of course)!

Our payment is safe and secure using Stripe. Sure you have heard of them, right? They’re the unicorn status you are hoping to achieve with your startup valuation!

Whilst the currency is stated as Euro, we accept all currency. Stripe manages all this. You card will be charged the equivalent amount.

If there are any issues at all, just message us and we will help you.

We get it, you want your pitch deck yesterday.

We offer two options when you place your order:

  1. Express: 72 hour delivery
  2. Standard: 7 day delivery

If you need an express delivery, it’s recommended to be around to make sure you have time to give your feedback.

Payment happens at two intervals.

  1. Upon order: 50%
  2. Upon satisfactory completion: 50%

After you order online your dedicated account manager will reach out to confirm. 50% is paid once we start design work.

After you have approved the final pitch deck design the remaining 50% is paid electronically.

Of course!

We start out with you explaining exactly what you want. You then have two opportunities to provide feedback.

  1. Initial feedback: Your designer will prepare 1-2 slides to agree on the style with you. We offer you up to 2 feedback cycles
  2. Final presentation: We style your whole pitch deck based on your feedback. Upon presentation, two design iterations are included

Of course! Your confidentiality is critical to our business.

Our principals have reviewed thousands of pitch decks over the years. We wouldn’t have done so if we weren’t trusted.

We do not recommend you share patentable, super technical information in any material (other than at advanced due diligence).

Conventional wisdom is that your idea is not worth anything, just the execution you apply.

If you are sharing technical information with us, or have reasons otherwise, we will of course sign an NDA. You can request it from your account manager.

There is no limit. You’re the boss.

Of course, you don’t want to have a 100 page teaser, as investors won’t read it, but it is up to you!

A 100 page startup pitch deck can be fine once investors are doing due diligence.

We don’t do cash on motor bike delivery 😉

We accept PayPal in addition to credit card.

What do you want from an agency that is going to help you raise?

We’ve been all sides of the table: VCs, founders raising ourselves, advisors and designing pitch decks. 

Our team consistent of experienced entrepreneurs and kick-ass designers. We’ve helped raise a whole lot of millions of $ of cash from investors.

More than pretty pitch decks, we also can provide the business model strategy perspective and compelling narrative that you may be missing to deliver a powerfully compelling pitch.

If you are on Mac, we can make your deck in KeyNote. We find it’s prettier. 

If you are on PC (Or Mac and don’t like KeyNote) then we will make your slide deck in PowerPoint.

Let use know when you order what you would prefer.

Pitch decks are a massive pain. They are not easy. There is a ‘formula,’ only you don’t know what it is yet. That takes a lot of time you don’t have.

We have made a lot of slide decks from scratch and are pitch deck nerds.

If you need help sharpening your content, pick the content and design option on checkout.

If you need custom work (such as building a slide deck from scratch), please reach out.

Yes of course!

We offer you two pitch deck files upon completion:

  1. The editable slide deck file
  2. A PDF version

We are an agency. That is not our business model.

Slide animations, when parts of the page twist and turn between slides may look cool, but they are a total distraction.

If you want these, sure, we can add transitions for you. We focus on results.

BUT. If you are emailing investors the slide deck, it’s going to be in PDF and you don’t animate PDF. If you are giving a pitch presentation in person (Don’t… the best investor presentations are conversations) you don’t need them either.

If you are doing a ‘demo day’ then maybe you can use them, but they should be the LAST thing you think about. 

No. A great pitch deck HAS to be made with founders. You are the domain expert. We can only shape your genius (Or make that genius legible).

If agencies say they can figure everything out on your slide deckfor you… run. 

Our content service can challenge you and help your craft better copy, but the ideas are yours. You’re the star.

If your inputs are rubbish, we can only put lipstick on it.

We are your partners in facilitating your success. We don’t lie, we don’t over-promise. We actually know what we are doing (We’ve actually done it many times).

Yes and no. It’s your job to know your business… not ours, not the VC.

If you request +content we will help you craft better messaging, ask critical questions to elicit better content, but we don’t redo your deck for you.

If you request a custom deck, we’ll help you do everything from scratch, but you still need to have the answers to our questions.

If you need business model strategy support, financial models etc, another arm of the company offers this. Ask for help if this is the case. We’ve done that… a lot. 

There needs to be one boss. The CEO is responsible for the raise and all the presentation material.

We prefer to deal with one person who has the strength to communicate upfront what they want and stick to their guns. 

If you are pressured to keep totally changing the pitch deck, you are completely entitled to submit a fresh, new project. We love repeat clients.

We are focused on early stage companies on a mission, not enterprises with massive slush funds.

As founders, we know certainty on pricing is absolutely critical. Also, having to ‘apply’ to get a quite is sooo dull. 

There are many pitch deck agencies that will charge $15-50k for decks with ‘it depends’ guidelines.

Ain’t no body got time for that.

We offer very simple pricing as it’s quick and transparent. No BS. We want to make founders happy with reasonable, affordable prices, not be sneaky and price discriminate.


Every investor deck is unique so there are fixed costs for any investor deck in just the set up.

I’m sure you would like us to stay in business. 

Yes. But this is a lot of work, right? So the price is higher.

Perfect Pitch Deck was set up to create a service ‘most’ founders can afford, not just the more affluent ones. 

Our founders have made a lot of decks from scratch and continue to do this. The price is more in the region of  €2,500. It depends how much ground work you have done already. Please email us to discuss.

We also do fundraising Excel models, business model consulting, market entry etc.


In fact in ASCII 42 is code for *.

The implication being anything.

Life is what you make it.

We will help you make it awesome.


It's so annoying when companies are not transparent about their pricing (and have hidden charges).

We offer clear, transparent pricing. You pick the number of slides you want, they service you need and your deadline and bam. 

You always know up-front the price that you will pay with Perfect Pitch Deck. It's like going to a gas machine

  • For 29 you get everything you need to have a pretty pitch deck.
  • For only €58, you get a full makeover to not only make your deck sparkle, but to improve your content and narrative.
  • If you need custom work done to build your pitch deck from scratch, please reach out to the team!

Yes, make my perfect pitch deck!

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