Got a question before you order?

I’ve a tonne of content on this site to answer all the questions I get asked. The answer to your question about how I work etc is on the site.

Please read the FAQs before you email me. I get too many emails!

I do understand some people want to know I’m actually a real person (That’s me in the videos) so that’s Kool and the Gang.

If you want feedback on something book a call. Respectfully, I don’t do “pick your brain” calls for free.

You can reach out with a question on your Perfect Pitch Deck via:

  • Form: there is one below. I’ll get an email and respond
  • Live chat: Click on the bottom right and say hi! If I’m online I’ll answer. There are no minions responding.

Kindly note I charge €5000 for a pitch deck and €300 an hour for a feedback call.

Ask me a question through the form: