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What: Ultimate shortcut to learning how to raise. Book a call to learn how to raise from investors and save countless hours figuring out the matrix yourself.

Get a 1-on-1 call with direct, honest actionable feedback to improve on, specific to your stage and traction.

Pricing: $400 an hour to $2000 for a day

Summary of a "How to Raise" call

What you need

How I help

  • Shortcut to learning how to fundraise
  • Go from clueless to efficient in hours
  • Guarantee you never look like a moron to investors
  • Overview or specific insight on any part of raising
  • Gain investor perspective into how it actually works
  • Learn key exercises to communicate logic
  • Zoom call with myself (not an intern)
  • 100% honest, direct, critical feedback
  • Constructive ways to improve
  • Specific to you and the stage you are at
  • 100% confidential and non-judgemental
  • I charge $300ph. Calls are on Zoom

Video overview

Yes, I'm a real person. I make these videos so you know that, and frankly to build trust.

If you hate reading then watch this and make a call. I have FAQs at the bottom for every question, though.

No clue how to fundraise from investors?

Startup sucks and fundraising is a bitch. It really is.

No one was born knowing how to fundraise, so if you are lost, you’re in good company. You just need to learn what is important as quickly as possible so you can get your raise done and get back to actual execution!

Only it’s so fricking hard to learn how to fundraise. There is a tonne of information on the internet, but it’s totally fragmented and it’s not condensed in any fashion that makes it fast to grasp. After a few months of dedicated reading you’re not going to see the matrix and how everything fits together.

I know because I had to learn! And trust me, I have blown a lot of time on this painful topic. In the absence of information, I’ve ended up inventing my own concepts having worked with so many founders.
Yes, I’m a consultant and you’re going to pay me good money for my wisdom, but holy crap you’re going to take a massive shortcut with my help.

The importance of a good fundraising process

It’s important to understand that whilst it seems startups raise huge money all the time as seen from Tech Crunch, most startups in fact don’t raise at all.

The second thing to understand is that fundraising takes up a massive amount of time. It can take up to 6 months to actually close a round, during which time you are not focused on your startup at all. This will hit your traction growth big time.

So, if you are going to raise, you need to do it properly. The issue is that few actually know how to fundraise.
Fundraising is not just about making a pitch deck and magically getting money wired into your bank account. From deciding you want to raise to hopefully closing the round is a massive amount of stress, pain, rejection and grunt work, whilst all the time trying to figure out what the hell you should be doing and why things aren’t working out.

A proper fundraise strategy involves a lot of prep work, understanding how to run the deal process, picking a deal structure, learning how to pitch your business and how to respond to investor questions. The list goes on.
If you have your shit together you can decrease the time to raise, build social proof to get better deal terms and valuation, spend less time pitching the wrong investors, reduce legal costs, and dramatically increase your chance of getting a round closed (if you are fundable in the first place).


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What we do on a call

Get to know another and build trust

Calibrate to your level

Teach the fundamentals

Teach you what you need to learn

Get a recording and book a follow up call

Why I can actually help you?

Before you hand over money to someone, especially one that claims to be an “expert”, you should question if they actually are full of BS, or not?

Let’s face it, “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

I have a tonne of nerdy content to read

Why do I have a clue?

What’s my background?

Why I am different

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